Email Filter on Gmail: Know How To Avoid Emails Going into Promotions

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

A small tutorial guide to help you set up a filter on Gmail so that you don’t miss a mail from anyone, or so that you don’t ever see a mail from someone! :D

Let’s face it, we don’t really bother too much with emails labelled as ‘Promotions’, and delete them or ignore them altogether.

So, it’s pretty frustrating when Gmail labels emails from a particular sender as ‘Promotions’. We sign up to a site’s newsletter because we are interested in what they write or offer, and the mails never reach us (where we check regularly). Bummer.

This depends on various reasons. There may be too many links inside the mail; a set of words that Gmail’s AI classifies as ‘promotional’ keywords such as ‘discount’, ‘free’, ‘sale’ and so on. Here’s a list of trigger words.

Bulk emailing services or email marketing services trigger the AI to label them as promotions. It helps to have an organization/company email verified with the emailing service.

Regardless of how carefully you may plan and design your emails, there’s always a possibility of your emails ending up in promotions. So, here’s a method that can help you filter, and it'll take about 2-3 minutes at most!

So, this tutorial is to help anyone looking for a solution, as much as it is for our own subscribers to be able to get notified properly.

If you're looking for information on avoiding Promotions label as a sender, then this is NOT for you. But I recommend you read articles about it on Keap, SalesHandy or Website Planet. They have done a good job of explaining the whys and hows of it.

Prerequisites: You cannot create filters on the Gmail app, so either use Desktop mode on your phone or better yet, use desktop!

Step 1

Once you login to your Gmail, locate a mail from the sender you want to use the filter on. Picture below to help demonstrate.

Here I’m selecting a mail from Newanced, located in promotions. Click on the mail options (three vertical dots), and select “Filter messages like these”.

Step 2

You’ll get a window as shown below.

My goal is to filter mails from Newanced and label them as “Primary” or “Updates”, so I’m leaving all the fields empty except “From”. But you can customize these according to your needs.

You can use filters to send emails, containing particular keywords, to spam as well. So, fill the fields based on your requirements.

Once you’ve done that, click on “Create filter”.

Step 3

In this window, I have ticked three fields (picture below), of which 'Always mark it as Important' is totally optional.

Again, depending on where you want it, select an option in “Categorize as:”. You can also tell Gmail what label to apply to the mails as well.

Once you’re done selecting options based on your needs, click “Create filter” and you’re done!

Since I wanted all of the mails from Newanced to be moved into my ‘Primary’, I’ve ticked the last option as well. Even if you don’t tick it, Gmail will apply the filter on the future mails.

That’s it! It’s a simple method, yet, shouldn’t be necessary in most cases.

Despite our site being all about news and articles from various categories, mails from Newanced are usually labelled as promotions due to us using the free version of emailing service by Convertkit, and also since we don’t have a professional mailbox like ‘’.

Did this small tutorial help you with your filtering requirements? Let me know!

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