Tech Friday (16 – 22 Oct 2020)

News related to 3D Movies at 100B FPS, Hackers Faking McAfee Software, Facebook Choking Left-Leaning Traffic, New Samsung Galaxy S Leaks, Smarter AI Models, LG’s Rollable TV, Indian FB Mods Pressurized to Work, Deepfake Bots on Telegram, Wrist-Worn Camera, Manipulation of Online Images, Human Motion Capturing Camera, Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’

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1. Ultrafast Camera Films 3-D Movies at 100 Billion Frames Per Second

Source: California Institute of Technology 16 Oct 2020

In his quest to bring ever-faster cameras to the world, Caltech's Lihong Wang has developed technology that can reach blistering speeds of 70 trillion frames per second, fast enough to see light travel. Just like the camera in your cell phone, though, it can only produce flat images. Now, Wang's lab has gone a step further to create a camera that not only records video at incredibly fast speeds but does so in three dimensions.

Original written by: Emily Velasco

2. Google Says Chinese Hackers Who Targeted Biden Campaign Are Faking MacAfee Software

Source: The Verge 17 Oct 2020

Google said in a new blog post that hackers linked to the Chinese government have been impersonating antivirus software McAfee to try to infect victims’ machines with malware. And, Google says, the hackers appear to be the same group that unsuccessfully targeted the presidential campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden with a phishing attack earlier this year.

Original written by: Kim Lyons

3. Facebook Reportedly Choked Traffic for Left-Leaning News Sites Including Mother Jones

Source: The Verge 17 Oct 2020

Facebook designed changes to its news feed algorithm in 2017 to reduce the visibility of left-leaning news sites like Mother Jones on its platform, the Wall Street Journal reported, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg had personally approved the plans. But Mother Jones editorial director for growth and strategy Ben Dreyfuss wrote that in multiple meetings with Facebook executives in 2017 and 2018, they reassured him that while traffic might go down, “not in a way that favored or disfavored any single publication or class of publisher.”

Original written by: Kim Lyons

4. Samsung Galaxy S21 And S21 Ultra Leaked in Full, Confirms January 2021 Launch

Source: Android Central 18 Oct 2020

Following recent rumors of the phones entering mass-production earlier than ever, leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer has revealed the design of the Galaxy S21. Hemmerstoffer published CAD renders of an S21 with a 6.2-inch display, hole-punch selfie camera and more uniform bezels than the Galaxy S20. These kinds of renders have proven to be accurate in the past, and Hemmerstoffer has a solid track record.

Original written by: Alex Dobie

5. Smarter Models, Smarter Choices

Source: University of Delaware 19 Oct 2020

Researchers have detailed a new approach to artificial intelligence that builds uncertainty, error, physical laws, expert knowledge and missing data into its calculations and leads ultimately to much more trustworthy models. The new method provides guarantees typically lacking from AI models, showing how valuable — or not — the model can be for achieving the desired result.

Original written by: Beth Miller

6. LG’s rollable TV finally goes on sale for $87,000

Source: The Verge 19 Oct 2020

LG has announced that its world-first rollable TV is finally going on sale, albeit in limited fashion. The Signature OLED R is built around a flexible OLED panel that LG describes with characteristic restraint as “the most innovative development in television technology in decades.” Because of its flexible nature, it can retract partially or fully into its base, adapting to different aspect ratios or hiding the panel completely when not in use.

Original written by: Sam Byford

7. Facebook Moderators in India Were Pressured to Return to The Office Despite COVID-19 Concerns

Source: The Verge 20 Oct 2020

Facebook moderators located in India were pressured by their employer, third-party contracting firm Genpact, to return to the office despite safety concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new report. The company was pressuring employees to return to its offices in Hyderabad as early as July, with Genpact claiming key parts of its moderation services had to be performed in the office due to privacy issues and other technical hurdles.

Original written by: Nick Statt

8. Deepfake Bots on Telegram Make the Work of Creating Fake Nudes Dangerously Easy

Source: The Verge 20 Oct 2020

Researchers have discovered a “deepfake ecosystem” on the messaging app Telegram centered around bots that generate fake nudes on request. Users interacting with these bots say they’re mainly creating nudes of women they know using images taken from social media, which they then share and trade with one another in various Telegram channels. Researchers found more than 100,000 images have been generated and shared in public Telegram channels up to July 2020.

Original written by: James Vincent

9. 3D Hand Pose Estimation Using A Wrist-Worn Camera

Source: Tokyo Institute of Technology 21 Oct 2020

Researchers have developed a wrist-worn device for 3D hand pose estimation. The system consists of a camera that captures images of the back of the hand, and is supported by a neural network called DorsalNet which can accurately recognize dynamic gestures. The research team has devised a camera-based wrist-worn 3D hand pose recognition system which could in future be on par with a smartwatch. Their system can importantly allow capture of hand motions in mobile settings.

10. Seeing No Longer Believing: The Manipulation of Online Images

Source: Queensland University of Technology 21 Oct 2020

A peace sign from Martin Luther King, Jr, becomes a rude gesture; dolphins in Venice’s Grand Canal; and crocodiles on the streets of flooded Townsville – all manipulated images posted as truth. Image editing software is so ubiquitous and easy to use, according to researchers, it has the power to re-imagine history. And, they say, deadline-driven journalists lack the tools to tell the difference, especially when the images come through from social media.

11. MonoEye: A Human Motion Capture System Using a Single Wearable Camera

Source: Tokyo Institute of Technology 21 Oct 2020

Researchers have developed a new human motion capture system that consists of a single ultra-wide fisheye camera mounted on the user's chest. The simplicity of their system could be conducive to a wide range of applications in the sports, medical and entertainment fields. Their design not only overcomes the space constraints of existing systems but is also cost-effective.

12. Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ Software is Starting to Roll Out to Select Customers

Source: The Verge 21 Oct 2020

Tesla sent out the first “Full Self-Driving” beta software update to a select group of customers this week, CEO Elon Musk tweeted Tuesday. On an earnings call Wednesday, Musk said more Tesla owners would get the update as the weeks progress, with the goal of a “wide release” by the end of the year. Only those customers in Tesla’s Early Access Program will receive the software update, that will enable drivers to access Autopilot’s partially automated driver assist system on city streets.

Original written by: Andrew J. Hawkins

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