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1. Simple Surgery Prevents Strokes in Heart Patients

Source: McMaster University 15 May 2021

A simple surgery saves patients with heart arrhythmia from often-lethal strokes, says a large international study. Researchers found that removing the left atrial appendage— an unused, finger-like tissue that can trap blood in the heart chamber and increase the risk of clots— cuts the risk of strokes by more than one-third in patients with atrial fibrillation. Even better, the reduced clotting risk comes on top of any other benefits conferred by blood-thinner medications patients with this condition are usually prescribed.

2. Stair Climbing Offers Significant Cardiovascular and Muscular Benefits for Heart Patients

Source: McMaster University 17 May 2021

A team of researchers who studied heart patients found that stair-climbing routines, whether vigorous or moderate, provide significant cardiovascular and muscular benefits. The findings address the most frequently cited barriers to exercise: time, equipment and access to gym facilities.

3. Researchers Identify Proteins That Predict Future Dementia, Alzheimer's Risk

Source: Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health 17 May 2021

The development of dementia, often from Alzheimer’s disease, late in life is associated with abnormal blood levels of dozens of proteins up to five years earlier, according to a new study by researchers. Most of these proteins were not known to be linked to dementia before, suggesting new targets for prevention therapies.

4. New Technology Makes Tumor Eliminate Itself

Source: University of Zurich 18 May 2021

A new technology developed by researchers enables the body to produce therapeutic agents on demand at the exact location where they are needed. The innovation could reduce the side effects of cancer therapy and may hold the solution to better delivery of Covid-related therapies directly to the lungs.

5. New Insights into Androgen’s Action Could Boost Battle Against Prostate Cancer

Source: University of Virginia Health System 18 May 2021

Researchers have unveiled important new insights into how hormones known as androgens act on our cells – and the discovery could boost efforts to develop better treatments for prostate, ovarian and breast cancers. The findings shed light on how androgens interact with their receptors inside cells to affect gene activity. This process is important in both healthy cells and certain cancers.

6. Researchers Develop Test That Detects Childhood TB A Year Ahead of Current Screenings

Source: Tulane University 18 May 2021

Researchers have developed a highly sensitive blood test that can find traces of the bacteria that causes tuberculosis (TB) in infants a year before they develop the deadly disease, according to a study. Using only a small blood sample, the test detects a protein secreted by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which causes TB infection. It can screen for all forms of TB and rapidly evaluate a patient’s response to treatment, said the lead study author Tony Hu.

Original written by: Carolyn Scofield

7. Portable, Affordable, Accurate, Fast: Team Invents New COVID-19 Test

Source: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 18 May 2021

A new coronavirus test can get accurate results from a saliva sample in less than 30 minutes, researchers report. Many of the components of the hand-held device used in this technology can be 3D-printed, and the test can detect as little as one viral particle per 1-microliter drop of fluid.

Original written by: Diana Yates

8. Study Raises New Alarm Over Long-Term Exposure to Second-Hand Smoke

Source: Oregon Health & Science University 19 May 2021

Chronic exposure to second-hand smoke results in lower body weight and cognitive impairments that more profoundly affects males, according to new research in mice. The research examined daily exposure of 62 mice over a period of 10 months. Researchers used a specially designed “smoking robot” that went through a pack of cigarettes a day in ventilated laboratory space at OHSU. The longest previous study of this kind lasted three months.

Original written by: Erik Robinson

9. Taking More Steps Daily May Lead to A Longer Life

Source: American Heart Association 20 May 2021

Taking more steps per day, either all at once or in shorter spurts, may help you live longer, according to preliminary research. The benefits of more daily steps occurred with both uninterrupted bouts of steps (10 minutes or longer) and short spurts such as climbing stairs.

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