Week in Tech (30 Apr – 6 May 2021)

Weekly Tech News related to New Brain-Like Computing Device, Vulnerability Affecting Computers Globally, Sony Announcing Investment and Partnership with Discord, India – 5G Trials, Algorithms to Improve Data Protection, Algorithm Using A Hologram to Control Trapped Ions, PUBG Mobile Relaunching as Battlegrounds Mobile in India

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1. New Brain-Like Computing Device Simulates Human Learning

Source: Northwestern University 30 Apr 2021

Researchers have developed a brain-like computing device that is capable of learning by association. The device’s secret lies within its novel organic, electrochemical “synaptic transistors,” which simultaneously process and store information just like the human brain. The researchers demonstrated that the transistor can mimic the short-term and long-term plasticity of synapses in the human brain, building on memories to learn over time.

Original written by: Amanda Morris

2. Computer Scientists Discover Vulnerability Affecting Computers Globally

Source: University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science 30 Apr 2021

A team of computer science researchers has uncovered a line of attack that breaks all Spectre defenses, meaning that billions of computers and other devices across the globe are just as vulnerable today as they were when Spectre was first announced. The researchers found a whole new way for hackers to exploit something called a “micro-op cache,” which speeds up computing by storing simple commands and allowing the processor to fetch them quickly and early in the speculative execution process.

Original written by: Audra Book

3. Sony Announces Investment and Partnership with Discord to Bring the Chat App to PlayStation

Source: TechCrunch 4 May 2021

Sony and Discord have announced a partnership that will integrate the latter’s popular gaming-focused chat app with PlayStation’s own built-in social tools. It’s a big move and a fairly surprising one given how recently acquisition talks were in the air — Sony appears to have offered a better deal than Microsoft, taking an undisclosed minority stake in the company ahead of a rumored IPO.

Original written by: Devin Coldewey

4. India Grants Approval For 5G Trials, Avoids Chinese Firms

Source: TechCrunch 4 May 2021

The Indian telecom ministry on Tuesday said it has granted several telecom service providers permission to conduct a six-month trial for the use and application of 5G technology in the country. New Delhi has granted approval to over a dozen firms spanning multiple nationalities — excluding China.

Original written by: Manish Singh

5. Algorithms to Improve How We Protect Our Data

Source: DGIST (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology) 5 May 2021

Scientists have developed algorithms that more efficiently measure how difficult it would be for an attacker to guess secret keys for cryptographic systems. The approach they used could reduce the computational complexity needed to validate encryption security. They developed an offline algorithm that estimates min-entropy based on a whole data set, and an online estimator that only needs limited data samples.

6. New Algorithm Uses A Hologram to Control Trapped Ions

Source: University of Waterloo 5 May 2021

Researchers have discovered the most precise way to control individual ions using holographic optical engineering technology. The new technology uses the first known holographic optical engineering device to control trapped ion qubits. This technology promises to help create more precise controls of qubits that will aid the development of quantum industry-specific hardware to further new quantum simulation experiments and potentially quantum error correction processes for trapped ion qubits.

7. PUBG Mobile to Relaunch as Battlegrounds Mobile in India

Source: TechCrunch 6 May 2021

Krafton, the South Korean developer of PUBG Mobile, said on Thursday that it is bringing back the popular gaming title to India under the brand name Battlegrounds Mobile India. The new title, which uses the color scheme of the Indian flag and is largely a replica of PUBG Mobile, will offer “a world class AAA multiplayer” and free-to-play gaming experience on mobile devices, it said.

Original written by: Manish Singh

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