Week in Tech (12 – 18 Feb 2021)

Weekly Tech News related to All-In-One Health Monitor, Samsung Laptops with OLED Screens, Amazon’s First Manufacturing Line in India For Fire TV, Disease-Sniffing Device That Rivals A Dog’s Nose, A Robot That Doesn’t Need Any Electronics, Credit Card-Sized Soft Pumps Powering Wearable Artificial Muscles

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*Cover Picture Credit: University of California - San Diego*

1. New Skin Patch Brings Us Closer to Wearable, All-In-One Health Monitor

Source: University of California - San Diego 15 Feb 2021

Engineers have developed a soft, stretchy skin patch that can be worn on the neck to continuously track blood pressure and heart rate while measuring the wearer’s levels of glucose as well as lactate, alcohol or caffeine. It is the first wearable device that monitors cardiovascular signals and multiple biochemical levels in the human body at the same time.

Original written by: Liezel Labios

2. New Samsung Laptops Rumored To Include OLED Screens and S Pen Support

Source: The Verge 16 Feb 2021

Samsung has a pair of new laptops in development — the Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 — which include OLED displays and will be compatible with the company’s S Pen stylus, SamMobile reports. The Galaxy Book Pro 360 is said to also be available with 5G connectivity. The laptops were first revealed in a Bluetooth certification filing that surfaced last month.

Original written by: Jon Porter

3. Amazon Is Opening Its First Manufacturing Line in India To Produce Fire TV Devices

Source: The Verge 16 Feb 2021

Amazon is opening its first manufacturing line in India in a partnership with Foxconn-owned Cloud Network Technology, an India-based subsidiary of the Taiwanese electronics giant, Amazon announced on Tuesday. The partnership is part of an effort to work with the Indian government, which has embarked on a campaign to encourage companies to invest in the Indian economy to avoid roadblocks, like high import taxes, to entering and competing in the country’s competitive and fast-growing economy.

Original written by: Nick Statt

4. Toward A Disease-Sniffing Device That Rivals A Dog’s Nose

Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology 17 Feb 2021

A team of researchers has come up with a system that can detect the chemical and microbial content of an air sample with even greater sensitivity than a dog’s nose. They coupled this to a machine-learning process that can identify the distinctive characteristics of the disease-bearing samples.

Original written by: David L. Chandler

5. This Robot Doesn’t Need Any Electronics

Source: University of California - San Diego 17 Feb 2021

Engineers have created a four-legged soft robot that doesn’t need any electronics to work. The robot only needs a constant source of pressurized air for all its functions, including its controls and locomotion systems. Applications include low-cost robotics for entertainment, such as toys, and robots that can operate in environments where electronics cannot function, such as MRI machines or mine shafts. Soft robots are of particular interest because they easily adapt to their environment and operate safely near humans.

Original written by: Ioana Patringenaru

6. Credit Card-Sized Soft Pumps Power Wearable Artificial Muscles

Source: University of Bristol 17 Feb 2021

Robotic clothing that is entirely soft and could help people to move more easily is a step closer to reality thanks to the development of a new flexible and lightweight power system for soft robotics. The discovery by a team could pave the way for wearable assist devices for people with disabilities and people suffering from age-related muscle degeneration.

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