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Weekly Tech News related to WhatsApp Privacy Policy, New “Metalens”, Speedier Network Analysis, Zomato Valued At $5.4 Billion, Building Highly Accurate Digital Twin of Our Planet, Agile Underwater Glider for Surveying Seas, Flipkart Deploying Over 25,000 Electric Vehicles in India by 2030, India Setting Stricter Rules for Social Media Giants

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1. WhatsApp Explains What Happens If You Don’t Accept Its New Privacy Policy

Source: The Verge 22 Feb 2021

WhatsApp has detailed what will happen to users who don’t accept its new privacy policy in an FAQ on its website. Starting May 15th, its functionality will become more limited, and users will no longer be able to send or read messages from the app. They’ll still be able to receive calls and notifications, but this will only be possible for a “short time.”

Original written by: Jon Porter

2. New “Metalens” Shifts Focus Without Tilting or Moving

Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology 22 Feb 2021

Engineers have fabricated a tunable “metalens” that can focus on objects at multiple depths, without changes to its physical position or shape. The lens is made not of solid glass but of a transparent “phase-changing” material that, after heating, can rearrange its atomic structure and thereby change the way the material interacts with light.

Original written by: Jennifer Chu

3. Speedier Network Analysis for A Range of Computer Hardware

Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology 22 Feb 2021

Researchers have developed software to more efficiently run graph applications on a wider range of computer hardware. The software extends GraphIt, a state-of-the-art graph programming language, to run on graphics processing units (GPUs), hardware that processes many data streams in parallel. The advance could accelerate graph analysis, especially for applications that benefit from a GPU’s parallelism, such as recommendation algorithms.

Original written by: Daniel Ackerman

4. India’s Zomato Valued At $5.4 Billion In New $250 Million Investment

Source: TechCrunch 23 Feb 2021

Zomato has raised $250 million, two months after closing a $660 million Series J financing round, as the Indian food delivery startup builds a war-chest ahead of its IPO later this year. The new investment reinforces the strong confidence investors have in Zomato, which struggled to raise money for much of last year.

Original written by: Manish Singh

5. Scientists Begin Building Highly Accurate Digital Twin of Our Planet

Source: ETH Zurich 23 Feb 2021

A digital twin of our planet is to simulate the Earth system in future. It is intended to support policy-​makers in taking appropriate measures to better prepare for extreme events. A new strategy paper by scientists shows how this can be achieved.

Original written by: Simone Ulmer

6. Agile Underwater Glider Could Quietly Survey the Seas

Source: Purdue University 23 Feb 2021

Autonomous underwater vehicles have become versatile tools for exploring the seas. But they can be disruptive to the environment or have trouble traveling through confined spaces. Researchers are studying an alternative: highly maneuverable, low-cost underwater gliders that operate silently. Components and sensors of the glider also can be easily swapped out or added according to a wide range of mission specifications.

Original written by: Jared Pike

7. Flipkart To Deploy Over 25,000 Electric Vehicles in India by 2030

Source: TechCrunch 24 Feb 2021

India’s Flipkart said on Wednesday it will deploy more than 25,000 electric vehicles in its supply chain by 2030 as the Walmart-owned e-commerce giant looks to achieve a 100% transition to electric mobility in the next 10 years.

Original written by: Manish Singh

8. India Sets Stricter Rules for Social Media Giants

Source: The Verge 25 Feb 2021

India has announced new regulations for social networks and other web services in the country, particularly “significant social media” companies with large user bases, like Facebook and Twitter.

Original written by: Adi Robertson

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