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Weekly Tech News related to Elon Musk and Tesla Sued, India Making Owning Cryptocurrency Illegal, Affordable Smart Irrigation, GTA Online’s Slow Load Times, Self-Walking Robotic Exoskeletons, AMD Ryzen Pro 5000 Mobile Series, Quantum Technologies for Secure Communication, Adults Messaging Teens on Instagram, Enhancing Quantum Machine Learning Algorithms, New Material for Faster Computing, Skipping the Galaxy Note This Year, Exploring a New Material Class

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1. Elon Musk, Tesla Board Sued in Lawsuit Alleging ‘Erratic’ Tweets

Source: TechCrunch 13 Mar 2021

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s tweets are the subject of another lawsuit. A Tesla investor is suing the company board and Musk for continuing to send “erratic tweets” that violate a settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that requires oversight of his social media activities.

Original written by: Aria Alamalhodaei

2. India Will Reportedly Introduce Bill to Make Owning Cryptocurrency Illegal

Source: The Verge 15 Mar 2021

India is reportedly moving forward with a sweeping ban on cryptocurrencies. According to Reuters, the country’s legislature will introduce a bill that criminalizes trading, mining, issuing, transferring, or possessing cryptocurrency. The bill is likely to pass if it’s introduced, giving India some of the world’s strictest digital currency laws.

Original written by: Adi Robertson

3. Standard Digital Camera and AI to Monitor Soil Moisture for Affordable Smart Irrigation

Source: University of South Australia 15 Mar 2021

Researchers have developed a cost-effective alternative that may make precision soil monitoring simple and affordable in almost any circumstance. The team has successfully tested a system that uses a standard RGB digital camera to accurately monitor soil moisture under a wide range of conditions. They developed a new technique to monitor soil moisture using a standard digital camera and machine learning technology.

4. GTA Online’s Slow Load Times

Source: The Verge 15 Mar 2021

A Grand Theft Auto Online fan that goes by the moniker t0st posted an investigation into the game’s infamously slow load times on PC, with a solution that improved things by up to 70 percent. And it seems that Rockstar was paying attention: the company has confirmed to PC Gamer that t0st’s fix is legitimate, and it will be implementing their suggestions in a future update to the game.

Original written by: Chaim Gartenberg

5. Engineers Combine AI and Wearable Cameras in Self-Walking Robotic Exoskeletons

Source: University of Waterloo 15 Mar 2021

Robotics researchers are developing exoskeleton legs capable of thinking and making control decisions on their own using sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The system combines computer vision and deep-learning AI to mimic how able-bodied people walk by seeing their surroundings and adjusting their movements.

6. AMD Ryzen Pro 5000 Series Mobile Chips Put Eight Cores in Light Business Laptops

Source: The Verge 16 Mar 2021

AMD has announced its new Ryzen Pro 5000 series mobile processors, its competitor to Intel’s vPro platform. The company claims the chips, based on the same Zen 3 architecture as most of its consumer-focused Ryzen 5000 series, will provide “uncompromised performance and battery life” for thin-and-light business laptops. They’ll appear in a slate of business notebooks including Elitebooks, ProBooks, ThinkPads, and ThinkBooks throughout this year.

Original written by: Monica Chin

7. Smart Quantum Technologies for Secure Communication

Source: Louisiana State University 16 Mar 2021

Researchers from Louisiana State University have introduced a smart quantum technology for the spatial mode correction of single photons. In a paper, the authors exploit the self-learning and self-evolving features of artificial neural networks to correct the distorted spatial profile of single photons. The newly developed technique boosts the channel capacity of optical communication protocols that rely on structured photons.

8. Instagram Will No Longer Let Adults Message Teens Who Don’t Follow Them

Source: The Verge 16 Mar 2021

Instagram is introducing new policies limiting interactions between teenagers and adults to make its platform safer for young users. The app has banned adults from direct messaging teenagers who don’t follow them and is introducing “safety prompts” that will be shown to teens when they DM adults who have been “exhibiting potentially suspicious behavior.”

Original written by: James Vincent

9. Researchers Enhance Quantum Machine Learning Algorithms

Source: Florida State University 16 Mar 2021

A new research could help quantum computing fulfill its promise as a powerful computational tool. The researchers found a way to automatically infer parameters used in an important quantum Boltzmann machine algorithm for machine learning applications. The work could help build artificial neural networks that could be used for training computers to solve complicated, interconnected problems like image recognition, drug discovery and the creation of new materials.

Original written by: Bill Wellock

10. From A Window to A Mirror: New Material Paves the Way to Faster Computing

Source: University of Cambridge 16 Mar 2021

A new research has identified a material that could help tackle speed and energy, the two biggest challenges for computers of the future. The study shows that a material known as Ta2NiSe5 could switch between a window and a mirror in a quadrillionth of a second when struck by a short laser pulse, paving the way for the development of ultra-fast switching in computers of the future.

11. Samsung Says It Might Skip the Galaxy Note This Year

Source: The Verge 17 Mar 2021

Samsung has warned that it might not be able to ship a Galaxy Note phone in 2021 after all, citing difficulties in launching two flagship phones in one year, in comments at its annual shareholders meeting reported on by Bloomberg.

Original written by: Sam Byford

12. Researchers Help Keep Pace with Moore’s Law by Exploring a New Material Class

Source: University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science 18 Mar 2021

A team of researchers is on the path to inventing a new class of material with the potential to keep chips cool as they keep shrinking in size — and to help Moore’s Law remain true. The enables the researchers to be able to create a new polymer-based electrical insulation for circuits that could help put more power in smaller spaces.

Original written by Wende Whitman

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